How to Post High-Quality YouTube Videos on WordPress

Just doing a quick post here regarding how to force high-quality YouTube videos with the WordPress encoding scheme.

As you probably already know, WordPress uses a simple “[ youtube={youtube URL} ]” method to post videos.

However, as some may have noted with the videos posted here and other places, this method defaults to the standard YouTube quality, which leaves quite a bit ot be desired.

In order to force HQ as the default setting, append “&fmt=18” to the standard formulation and, if available, videos should default to high quality, which works a lot better when trying to show off graphics.   🙂

UPDATE: If you upload the video in high enough quality, you can use “&fmt=22” to get 720P-level resolution.   For an example of how that looks, check here.

Another one is here, this one is probably better. The music most certainly is.