Bill O’Reilly Busted for Lying About War Coverage

Good to see something finally drop one of the habitual liars….maybe. Fox *really* cared when they caught *someone else* in a falsehood. Much like how they treat the GOP, it’s doubtful they’ll care when one of their own is lying his face off.

No, they don’t think it’s wrong to be hypocrites *for them*. For others, it’s a fatal flaw. <— Kinda the nature of this type of beast.

The Bill O’Reilly controversy is growing – six former CBS colleagues all refuted his story, and another called him a liar on the air. It’s a long clip but is definitely must watch:

The Hatest Generation

My dad is 67 years old, a full year younger than the average Fox viewer, who is 68, according to an analysis in New York magazine by columnist Frank Rich. I’ve read accounts of people my age — 40 or so — losing parents to cancer or Alzheimer’s, but just as big a tragedy are the crops of grandmothers and grandfathers debilitated by Fox News-induced hysteria.

I enjoyed Fox News for many years, as a libertarian and frequent Republican voter. I used to share many, though not all, of my father’s values, but something happened over the past few years. As I drifted left, the white, Republican right veered into incalculable levels of conservative rage, arriving at their inevitable destination with the creation of the Tea Party movement.

via I Lost My Dad to Fox News | Alternet.

World’s Worst “Journalist” Gets Plum Assignment, Makes Everyone Dumber

RGHCIxc.png PNG Image, 765 × 408 pixels.

So this is the top-rated comment from the idiot brigade referring to Bill O’Reilly’s “interview” with the President.  It wasn’t so much an interview as a series of accusations where.

We’ve seen a pretty amazing recovery from a huge financial disaster, the end of multiple wars, and unemployment finally falling to levels not seen in half a decade.

But instead of allowing any idea at all that any thing could ever be better in the slightest while *that dang Obama* is in the White House, we instead get a re-hash of the Buzzword Scandal that Fox News plays every day…IRSBENGHAZIOBAMACAREIRSBENGHAZIOBAMACARE.

Ignore the fact that the website works really well now.  Ignore the fact that multiple hearings into the IRS haven’t uncovered any corruption, only outdated rules.  Ignore the fact that four times as many Americans were killed in West, TX, than Benghazi or that black ops happen or anything at all except somehow, someway, it’s Obama’s fault because he’s an American-hating Muslim marxist.

This crap is absurd…but it’s not a fringe thing.  It’s mainstream Fox viewers who believe this, because it’s all that Fox puts out.  One finds more and more that watching Fox is actually an impediment to having a rational take on reality, and the top rated comment on their farce of an interview illustrates why.

These people are crazy.


Here’s a solid rundown of the “interview” and how ridiculous the questions were.

GOP’s Outreach Effort include Bans on Birth Control, Abortion, and Minorities Voting

And four months after its unveiling, the RNC’s “rebranding” campaign hasn’t just died a natural death; it has suffered a Rasputin-like fate, having been stabbed, poisoned, beaten, shot, and drowned.

Consider some of the headlines from the last few weeks: Republicans intend to kill immigration reform; intensify their war against reproductive rights, and vote for the 38th time to repeal all or part of the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”).

Prominent party officials are dealing with controversies related to racism and rape rhetoric, while the party becomes increasingly invested in the idea that it can thrive by focusing almost exclusively on white voters.


Sweeping efforts intended to block Americans’ voting rights are unfolding at a breakneck pace.

via RNC’s rebranding campaign suffers Rasputin-like fate – The Maddow Blog.

I believe this is generally called a death spiral or a “circular firing squad”.    When your entire core political audience just keep getting older*, there’s not a lot you can do to innovate that doesn’t turn them completely off, which is what we are seeing now.



Fox News still continues to post wide overall viewership leads, but those numbers are deceiving. Senior citizens are powering Fox. The network has the oldest audience on all of television. The average age of a Fox News viewer is 66 years old and the decline in younger viewership is the biggest long term threat to the network’s survival.

The funny thing?  Last year their average viewer age was 65.  The year before that?  64.  Before that?  63.

It’s the same group of aging boomers that is driving the GOP into the ground.   May their pace be quickened…

Hope and Change vs Gloom and Doom

Most of Obama’s voters — 73 percent — say they are voting “for” him rather than “against” Romney (23 percent). The reverse is true among Romney backers: 54 percent say their support is more “against” Obama rather than “for” Romney (40 percent).

The poll also indicates why Republicans are going after low-information voters.  These are the ones that think approving a pipeline that will ship  oil out of the country will somehow lower prices here.

Update:  This has been flowing around…but recall what was said a mere four years ago…

Update2: The White House put up this page.   The most important graph, which is hidden about halfway down is the “Global Oil Consumption” one.  That’s the pressure on the demand side.  On the supply side, we have the Iranian tough talk campaign applying pressure, as noted here.

I’d also wager, rather safely, that oil company profits, when reported, will once again be approaching record territory.   A populace squeezed at the pump is looking to point a finger, and one particular media company in particular is more than happy to do so with every outlet at their disposal.   They do, falsely claiming the same thing was done four years ago.  I’ve already provided evidence that  it is they who have changed their story.

Now let’s see how many gullible folks they convince that while they were wrong then, they are dead-on right now, and gas prices are  actually singularly controlled by the President.  Probably with a little lever or dial.

Fox News Poll: President Obama Tops Republican Contenders In Matchups | Fox News

VERIFIABLE VISUAL PROOF: Fox is Severely Unbalanced

Today In Dishonest Fox News Charts | Media Matters for America.

As someone who creates graphs like this every day, analyzes tons of data, and tries my utmost to stay true to the math…THIS IS WHY I HATE FOX.  They lie, flat out, straight up, lie, each and every day, all day long. They give pretty much every thing I enjoy doing a bad name.  They are, as far as I can tell (and that’s pretty far now with the investigations), an international criminal organization.   Lying to their viewers is the *least* they can do, and it’s done all the time.

In true sickness format, they’ll spend most of tomorrow making up lies about the source of these screenshots, and passing along rumors and inuuendo as fact.  After all, tomorrow is a day ending in “y” and those are the only kinds of days when Fox is lying to you.

When is 8.6% bigger than 9.0%?  When Fox is doing the math.

Fox Flat out Lying with Graph

Most Corrupt Media Organization EVER

The letters from Goodman and from the London law firm Harbottle & Lewis are among a cache of paperwork published by the Commons culture, media and sport select committee. One committee member, the Labour MP Tom Watson, said Goodman’s letter was “absolutely devastating”. He said: “Clive Goodman’s letter is the most significant piece of evidence that has been revealed so far. It completely removes News International’s defence. This is one of the largest cover-ups I have seen in my lifetime.”

Goodman’s letter is dated 2 March 2007, soon after he was released from a four-month prison sentence. It is addressed to News International’s director of human resources, Daniel Cloke, and registers his appeal against the decision of Hinton, the company’s then chairman, to sack him for gross misconduct after he admitted intercepting the voicemail of three members of the royal household. Goodman lists five grounds for his appeal.

Les Hinton used to run the WSJ, which use to be run by a respectable family.

Fox Even Lies About Their Own Polls (re: Stimulus)

Check this out, couldn’t hardly believe it…

American voters overwhelmingly believe the economy stinks, and there’s little belief that the stimulus plan was effective. In addition, most voters favor a balanced budget amendment — except if it means program cuts or new taxes.

These are just some of the findings from a Fox News poll released Thursday.

 There’s so much derp in this poll it’s kinda sad, but this one is…wow.   It’s been a Republican mantra and oft-repeated assertion that the “stimulus failed” or it was a “failed stimulus”.  Those two words are *ALWAYS* together when the efforts taken to stabilize the economy are summarized to a linguistic shorthand.   The problem with the Republican assertion is that the vast majority of independent economists not paid by Republicans, but who understands what the stimulus did, don’t actually agree with them.
So they do this poll.  And make that assertion.. “there’s little belief that the stimulus plan was effective.”
Here’s the number they use to support it…”Meanwhile, less than a third think the stimulus plan has helped the economy (29 percent).”
But according to the poll results themselves, guess what there is EVEN LITTLER BELIEF IN….
Do you think the federal government’s 2009 economic stimulus plan has helped the economy, hurt the economy, or not made much of a difference either way?
Helped:  29%
Hurt: 23%
No difference: 46%
(Don’t know): 2%
Yes, that’s right, more people think it helped than hurt.   Not only that, but as time goes on, and more people actually go beyond the talking points to see what happened, there is a marked shift from that “no difference” column to the “helped” one.   It should also be noted that those saying “no difference”, are actually in the Stimulus working column, as the point was to keep us out of a depression (getting back into solid growth would have taken a larger package, probably double the size of the $878B).
So anyway, Fox even spin their own polls in ways that make little sense in the overall context .   And it’s done to, as much as possible, reinforce Republican talking points.You can also see the stats that many Republicans will be pushing over the next few days, the 72% support for a “Balanced Budget Amendment” The fact that this support drops to the low 30’s when even the barest sense of what theoretical steps it would take to balance it, is one of those quibbling details that doesn’t need to be mentioned, and likely will not be.NOTE:  If anyone has Dana Blanton of Fox News’s email address please send it to me.  I would like to ask her the reasoning behind her statements, but Fox doesn’t have easy contact info.

The evolution of a Common nontroversy

So this one started here…note the picture…date…etc…

Note how Fox is the one stirred the controversy

link to full story

So Fox gets the controversy juices flowing…tying Lonnie Lynn, Jr. (a thuggish name if I’ve ever heard one) to the controversial  Rev. Wright, then spends all day talking about it…parsing the relationship…googling the internets…hoping to find that one tasty nugget of juicy innuendo to repeat over and over.  Then Hannity finds the nut, like a blind squirrel leading a million blind squirrels.

He does so leveraging the fatal flaw of many outraged conservatives, their inability to think poeticly.

Should Controversial Rapper Have Been Invited to White House?

[Sean Hannity]  It seems this administration will never learn its lesson. Tomorrow, Michelle Obama is set to host an evening of poetry and will welcome a slew of poets, musicians, students from all across the country to the White House.

Among them is a controversial rapper and poet, Lonnie Rashid Lynn Jr., better known as Common. Now, he’s a staunch supporter of the president and has a running list of controversial comments.

Two thousand and seven, during an HBO’s “Def Poetry” appearance, Common called for the burning of President George W. Bush. Now the poem reads — I’m not the best at this — “Burn a Bush cos’ for peace he no push no button, killing over oil and grease, no weapons of mass destruction, how can we follow a leader when this is a corrupt one?”

Quick note: I’m not sure what “lesson” Hannity was going for here, my guess it’s that Fox can make a controversy out of anything by making a controversy out of anything, and that no matter what Obama does, Fox will make a controversy out of it.

So that’s the context.  Hannity is declaring how Common (or “Lonnie” as I like to think of him) threatened to “burn George W. Bush” and promotes cop killing.

PETERSON: I’m not saying it is not a critique of President Bush, it is. But it’s much more complex than him to say burn Bush. Listen, he’s a poet. Let me finish, he is a poet, he has a right to figure and be creative and he’s doing so in this particular…

[crosstalk] … [later]…

HANNITY: Excuse me, he’s talking about popping guns and “I got the black strap to make the cops run. They watching me. I’m watching them.” Then he uses a couple of —

PETERSON: The context —

HANNITY: Whoa! “When we roll together with a strapped gun, we’re going to be rocking them to sleep.” That sounds like killing cops to me.

PETERSON: Sure, listen —

HANNITY: Whoa, that sounds like killing cops to me. Sounds like killing cops to you?

WEBB: Sound like killing cops.

So that’s why Common is controversial, Hannity has decided he is talking about killing cops for fun and burning George W. Bush.   Explanations to the contrary ARE NOT TO BE TOLERATED!!

“Poetry always literally means what it says, that’s what poetry is.” -Sean Hannity

That, of course, is an insanely ridiculous reading…yet somehow that is what makes into Fox’s next story on the nontroversy…note the same picture, new date…but now…the Rapper himself has become controversial…and the White House is defending the Controversial Rapper.

Controversy Stirred, err, Mission Accomplished! "backlack over some of his lyric that critics (MAINLY FOX NEWS) say promote violence (ANYONE WHO HAS LISTENED TO COMMON KNOWS HOW SILLY THIS IS)"

White House Defends Invite of Political Rapper to Poetry Event –

Common, whose real name is Lonnie Rashid Lynn, Jr., is not considered a gangsta rapper, but some of his songs and poems feature violent imagery.

In one poem, he called for the metaphorical burning of President George W. Bush — a “burning Bush.” And in a song, he praised convicted cop-killer and former Black Panther Assata Shakur.

“While the president doesn’t support the kind of lyrics raised here, we do think some of the reports distort what Mr. Lynn stands for more broadly in order to stoke controversy,” White House spokesman Jay Carney said Wednesday.

Note in the photograph how the “critics say” has now made it into the first paragraph.  Those “critics” are named Sean Hannity and whoever else was on Fox the day previous.  That Fox is the one making the news is not considered, by Fox, to be part of the news.

So the White House then properly calls out that this is a nontroversy based on a very selective reading.

And I further point out that this entire narrative is built for some people who are VERY SCARED of gansta rappers from the Chicago ghetto who like to kill cops and LOVE OBAMA…and now Fox has gotten the White House to respond and has officially CREATED a story it can run with and avoid pointing out how Obama is the only U.S. citizen (long form and everything) in history to kill Osama Bin Laden for another week.

The next version of their long-running dog whistle series. (If you don't believe this to be true, go read the comments on the two linked stories, I dare you).

BTW…his real name is “Lonnie”…


UPDATE: Karl Rove goes all the way to the hyper dog-whistle land, and repeatedly labels Lonnie a “thug”.  And after all, why not..he’s black..he’s a rapper…obvioulsy he’s a thug by definition.   Note also how Karl accepts Hannity’s nuanced reading of Lonnie’s poetry as absolute fact.

KARL ROVE, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Thank you, Sean. Thanks for having me.

HANNITY: All right. Well, you know, this is a poetry event. And the evening of poetry at the White House. And, you know, as we look into the background, the lyrics, the statements about cops, and President Bush and some of the other controversial things. Do you think this was an appropriate invite?

ROVE: Yes, let’s invite a misogynist to the White House, a guy who’s called for violence against police officer, and called for killing the former president of the United States George W. Bush. This will set a good tone for the country. President Obama last week said he wanted to recapture that special moment we had after 9/11. And here week later, we have an example of how this White House can recapture that moment by inviting a thug to the White House. A man who call for the death of Mr. Obama’s predecessor in office.

HANNITY: Well, I’m trying to understand this, and you know, Secret Service guys, if you make a threat like that, being in a song or in poetry, wouldn’t the secret service take a little visit to your house?

ROVE: Well, no, not necessarily.

A few things to note so far…Rove has gone off the rhetorical deep end, and now Lonnie turns out to be the real Bin Laden.    Second.. this last bit is a full on lie.  You write a song about assassinating the President in no uncertain terms, YOU WILL get a visit.  Lonnie didn’t, meaning the Secret Service is about a thousand times more hip than Rove.

Rove keeps repeating these lies, knowing that repetition of the lie is necessary for it to become “common wisdom”.

ROVE: [continues] But vetting these people, certainly somebody inside the White House had an ounce of sense and looked at his lyrics and could have said, you know, what, this is going to be offensive to the American people. It’s going to be offensive in the moment that the president is trying to establish here. Maybe we ought to think about somebody else to invite. But no, they are inviting a guy who called, I repeat, for the previous president to be assassinated for violence to be committed against police officers. And whose lyrics are sexually explicit and misogynist. This guy is a thug. And why they are inviting him to poetry night at the White House, speaks volumes about President Obama and this White House staff.


[Rove] : President Obama does not believe the things that he says. If he believed last week that he wanted to reestablish the great tone in the country after 9/11, why would he invite a thug to the White House who said, he wanted to kill President Bush for having taken the country to war in Iraq.

Now they just sit back, and watch the derp spread.

The derp about Lonnie Lynn, the thug ganstah poet from the streets of Chi-town.

UPDATE2:  Looks like I beat the Daily Show to the punch on this by virture of not having an 11:30 timeslot.  I think they did a better job, though.

Congrats, Assholes. You won.

Read this comment today.   Figured it was pretty honest about the whole thing, and certainly reflects what I would feel.    So congrats, assholes hoping for a generations long war against most of the world, you are one step closer to that goal.

Nudge [TotalFark] Quote 2010-08-23 07:06:58 AM
I’m a Muslim American, and the nationwide attempt to ban mosques in various locations has made me extremely frustrated, angry, and feeling helpless. I’m by and large considered one of the most passive individuals in our local community, ardently arguing against individual Muslim action in foreign-occupied countries against American Soldiers (I believe Islamically, only one state can declare war on another state).

Keep that in mind when I say that, through gentle persuasion of anti-Muslim actions, I find it harder to defend these points and harder to believe them myself. A brother told me recently that, out of defense, every Muslim in this day ought to have a gun in his home. I’ve never, ever wanted to own a gun in my life, let alone condone the usage of one except under extreme circumstance, but his suggestion in today’s conflict made me consider the thought for quite some time.

My hometown has a mosque being protested. I’m friends with a lot of the young men organizing its construction. Today, thousands of Muslims in the area pray out of office buildings and garages, simply wanting a place to worship that looks beautiful and doesn’t remind them of a tool shop. These men have spent the last several years planning this project and have been excited about every step forward. Now, protesters are essentially shutting them out, declaring in no uncertain terms that they must fight for their rights. Some of the happiest people I’ve ever seen have become angry, bitter, and hateful because of this.

I just wanted to congratulate the protesters. You’ve managed to begin the ruination of the one, and only, fully-integrated Muslim society success story in the Western World. You’ve shut down our charities, protested our religious rights, spat and and disrespected our women, and ended belief in the superiority of American tolerance.

Way to go, fuckjobs.

UPDATE: It should be noted that the “win” doesn’t include stopping the mosque, it will most likely go through anyway.  The “win” is for people like Palin, Gingrich and Bin Laden, who want a no-holds-barred war between peoples.   They made progress toward that goal today.

UPDATE2: For a slightly longer version of this (and a lot more specifics), check Frank Rich’s column for today.   Short-term political gain vs. real world progress in that war we started.

UPDATE3: Here’s a longer story about the wider phenomenon I noticed on a simple message board.  These kinds of changing attitudes are happening, today, at a rate of about 1,000 a second, I’d guess.   Thanks all that is good and holy we have a rational President right now, and not one of the bomb throwers with an even bigger bullhorn.

Like most non-Americans, Muslims across the world barely understand the vagaries of U.S. politics, including the wedge issues and posturing that turn midterm elections into mud fights. Commentators from the Middle East to South Asia to Indonesia to Nigeria praised Obama and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg for coming to the defense of the community center, even as the president hedged his apparent initial support for the project.

Obama has “placed ethics and principles ahead of politics that not only enhances his credibility to the Muslims only but also his stature as a statesman to the rest of the world,” read an opinion piece in the Daily Star of Bangladesh.

[first link]

Is there anything that would make Islamic terrorists like Osama bin Laden happier than to watch the world’s media broadcast footage of angry American protesters, whipped into a frenzy by Fox, saying hateful things about Muslims? Why are Sarah and Newt doing bin Laden’s work for him? Can’t they show just a little patriotism?

[second link]

Link Dump….

Working…can’t write…dumping link…

This is why they should. (I got sick of this nontroversy a couple days ago)

When Pat Buchanan calls your Nazi analogy over the edge, it is.

Read the comments to see why I call them nutjobs.  (note the comment and reactions to the comment that explains this away rationally.  Rationality is like the rage virus to these people, turns them crazy).’

Thanks, Rupert, for making this so obvious.  Fox News is *directly* funding the Republicans now, and not just donating 20 hours a day to free advocacy and attack ads.

Top 10 Right Wing Conspiracy theories. With the news that 40% of Republicans and 20% of Americans think Obama is a muslim, these fit right in.

Media companies stealing customer data. More definitive proof of their hypocrisy.

The Making of a Nontroversy.

Roger Ebert continues to do good stuff.

Franklin Graham makes up stuff about the President’s Dad to explain American’s ignorance re: Obama’s religion.   For some reason I think he’s doing it wrong.

We recently gave Israel $3,000,000,000 to buy $2,7500,000,000 worth of F-35s. This would be more of an actual issue if this story (and those like it) got more play.  That’s how the Military Industrial Complex works, BTW.  We borrow from China to give to Israel to buy from Us.   And a few people make out like bandits selling stuff to kill, well, bandits.  It does keep us at #1, I guess.

RIAA wants to force electronic manufacturers to include FM radios in all phones, ipods, etc.  Yes, it is that stupid, and yes, they actually are saying this is good for you.  I side with the concept of the free market on this one.

Hate the liberal media? Hate Fox News? Then stop them

You won’t see a lot a corporate media coverage on this one (ACTA) as it a) puts them in the spotlight and b) gives them a TON more power.

And don’t let folks confuse this issue with net neutrality, which is a completely different beast. Here’s what this does…

Just look at some of the “anti-counterfeiting” measures included in ACTA. ACTA would set up a global framework that could:

  • Require Internet service providers (ISPs) to disconnect individuals accused (not convicted) of repeated copyright infringement;
  • Require ISPs to hand over their subscribers’ identities to copyright owners without any due process or judicial oversight;
  • Require ISPs to make potentially expensive modifications to their networks in an effort to prevent copyright infringement;
  • Prohibit the U.S. Congress from reforming the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), which makes it a crime to defeat copy protection even when making a copy is perfectly legal;
  • Require all countries to implement DMCA-like laws for their own populations, without the benefit of fair use or other legal exceptions that provide a modicum of protection for speech;
  • Threaten potential innovators with outrageous financial penalties for copyright infringement; and
  • Criminalize even non-commercial uses of copyrighted materials.

The link includes some of the legislators to cotact to try and stop this one.