The Big Wall Street Money Behind Rafael “Ted” Cruz

And it turns out that pandering to the .001% is not a particularly bad paying profession. This is not a surprising, but the actual numbers here are staggering.

It’s up to $31,000,000/week, if you find the right sugar daddy.

This was what was warned about when the Supreme Court gave down the “Citizens United” ruling, that a single person, or very small group of people, could fully fund a “radical” candidate and how that’s not really good for democracy in general.

Trying to convince the Cruzies (rhymes with “crazies”) of the simple fact that the guy is backed by a single billionaire (although more will jump on board when the realize his supporters don’t give a shit what he *actually does*, only that he talks good) will be near impossible.

And trying to let them know that the 3.9% tax on investment income over $400,000/yr that is the cornerstone of paying for the expansion of medical insurance under the ACA is the simple financial motivation for such a person to back Cruz….well….the problem with that argument is that it is logical and fact based.

It goes like this…$1,000,000,000/yr in investment income. 3.8% of that (over $400,000) is $37,984,800/yr.

So this guy can invest in Cruz, and if it pays off….that’s about $40,000,000/yr (per billion in unearned income) that he can then spend on politicos to save that much in taxes.

It’s a pretty sick calculation (essentially taking heathcare aware from millions of Americans so one guy can have a slightly bigger dick in the measuring contests these assholes care about), but that’s what we are currently facing in this country.

That’s how bad it has gotten.

Ted Cruz, breaking fundraising records…that’s how bad it has gotten.

The reclusive Long Islander who made his fortune using computers to outsmart the stock market is a key early bankroller of Senator Ted Cruz’s fast campaign start.

And Now You Know *Why* Ted Cruz is a Lying Idiot: Apples and Trees

Cruz has made headlines lately with similarly controversial comments. At an event sponsored by the gun rights advocacy group OK2A and the anti-government Tulsa 9.12 Project in November, Cruz claimed that God ordains capital punishment.

“You know, the Bible is so clear,” he said. “Go to Genesis Chapter 9 and you will find the death penalty clearly stated in Genesis Chapter 9 … God ordains the death penalty!”

Cruz also argued that the legalization of same-sex marriage would lead to an unjustified outpouring of hate-speech accusations. “You preach Romans Chapter 1 in your church, you’re going to be called before a court for hate speech,” Cruz said.

In his February speech, Cruz promoted the abolishment of political correctness. “We have been guilty of following two things that we totally have to throw aside. Number one is political correctness,” Cruz said. “We have been destroyed by political correctness. And we must learn to tell the truth unequivocally.”

The 74-year-old tea party icon also attributed “all the civil rights” that African-Americans have achieved to Republicans.

“Let’s talk about the black population. All the civil rights that the African Americans have obtained have come from Republicans,” Cruz said. “But you know what, Democrats took the credit.”

via Ted Cruz’s Father: Black People ‘Uninformed’ And ‘Deceived’.

The stupid is deep with communists…especially failed ones.

Rafael “Ted” Cruz “Hail’s Satan” in Bid to Out Derp EVERYONE

Ehm Moore : 23 hours ago

What can one really say about a person who is willingly funded by two sons of a billionaire who made his money/empire by being a licensor to, and then a design and build contractor to, Joe Stalin, has a Daddy who was a willing blood-brother cohort of Fidel Castro, and seems to be trying to channel Sen. Joe McCarthy, especially in the “have no shame” category.

via Anti-abortion voters look for one of their own | Dallas Morning News.

Really…what can ya say.

Although the quote is “have you no sense of decency, sir?”.  And to be clear….no, Rafael does not have any decency.

It’s So Easy Appealing to Idiots

Sen. Ted Cruz, the freshman from Texas whose popularity among Tea Party types has skyrocketed since he brought on a government shutdown over Obama’s health care law, has also sought to stake his claim on foreign policy, delivering an address at the conservative Heritage Foundation in September.

“In my view, President Obama is both too hawkish and too dovish at the same time,” said Cruz, toeing the line between the isolationists and interventionists. “He’s too hawkish, too willing to use U.S. military might in defense of international norms in Syria in a way that is not directed at protecting our nation… And yet, simultaneously, he is too dovish when it comes to standing up and defending our national security interests.”

via Republican Hopefuls Stake Out Their Foreign Policy Positions.

All you have to do is find out what they hate and say you believe the opposite of that….no matter what it is.


Ted Cruz’s Father Bribed Official To Come To U.S.

In a report Thursday on NPR about how Sen. Ted Cruz’s (R-TX) father shaped his vision on immigration, his father, Rafael Bienvenido Cruz, an immigrant from Cuba, said that while he “came to this country legally,” he basically bribed an official to get to the United States.

“A friend of the family — a lawyer friend of my father basically bribed a Batista official to stamp my passport with an exit permit,” the elder Cruz said.

Son Ted Cruz, who is critical of the ‘Gang of 8′ immigration bill, often attributes his views to his father’s emigration from Cuba: “In my opinion, if we allow those who are here illegally to be put on a path to citizenship, that is incredibly unfair to those who follow the rules.”

via Ted Cruz’s Father Bribed Official To Come To U.S. | TPM LiveWire.

I don’t think there’s a single thing to be learned about Ted Cruz that is not hypocritical and indicative of rampant douchbaggery.

Ted Cruz makes proposal to End Domestic IT Industry

Quick update on two topics I’ve been posting about recently…what a d-bag Ted Cruz is, and how d-bags are trying to use Immigration Reform to destroy the domestic IT industry*. Those two themes came together yesterday in a jarring display of douche-baggery.

“A number of Tuesday’s amendments were H-1B related, including one from U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), which sought to raise the H-1B cap to 325,000.”I think high-tech immigrants are an unambiguous good for our economy and our country,” said Cruz.Cruz called the immigration’s bill plan to raise the cap to as high as 180,000, “a half measure.” The amendment had little support and failed. The longer discussion was around Grassley’s “good faith” amendment.”

This should be still be quite alarming…as the current “compromise” of 180,000/yr is still a 300% increase, and is just enough foreign workers to cover all the new jobs (expected to be about 120,000/yr for the next decade or so). Leaving pretty much none for Americans who did the “right thing” and got a STEM degree in college…only to graduate and realize they are competing for jobs with 1,000,000 foreign workers who don’t have any student loan debt.

* Currently the limit is 65,000/yr, and as such, foreign workers make up 25-40% of IT staff. If you increase that limit to 300,000/yr, there will be no market for domestic IT workers, as all the new jobs expected to be created over the next decade will be filled by this hugely increased pool. Wages will also plummet, as is obvious to anyone who knows what happens to price (wages) when supply is increased by 500%.

Living Piece of Shit is “Only Asking Questions” about Decorated Vietnam Veteran being Paid Agent of Hezbollah

Freshman Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, insisted that Hagel provide information on compensation for paid speeches over a five-year period — three years more than required — and suggested that without the information, the committee wouldnt know whether Hagel got money from “extreme and radical groups.”

Cruz also suggested that Hagels unwillingness to cooperate indicated that he was being less than forthcoming with the panel about possible payments from foreign sources.

Hagel already had told the committee that during the past 10 years neither he nor his wife had received any compensation from, or been involved in any business transactions with, a foreign government or an entity controlled by a foreign government.

Cruz’s statement angered the committees chairman, Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich., who rejected the notion of a different standard for Hagel than for other nominees and said he was “not going to accept your suggestion and innuendo.

“Another Democrat, Sen. Bill Nelson of Florida, accused Cruz over going over the line.

“You basically have impugned the patriotism of the nominee” with suggestions that he is cozy with Iran, Nelson said. “You also stated your opinion that you don’t think hess truthful. Those are two fairly strong statements.”

via Senate Panel Approves Hagel For Pentagon Chief : NPR.

I wonder how long it will take my fellow Texans to realize what a low-life scum Ted Cruz is.  I’m guessing about 25 years.

Israel Vows To Use Veto Power If Chuck Hagel Confirmed As U.S. Secretary Of Defense | The Onion

JERUSALEM—Top-ranking government officials in Jerusalem confirmed Tuesday that Israel would exercise its longstanding, constitutionally granted veto power over American policy if U.S. lawmakers confirmed retired congressman Chuck Hagel as the United States’ next Secretary of Defense. “In light of Mr. Hagel’s worrying remarks on Israeli-Palestinian relations and questionable classification of Israeli interests as ‘the Jewish lobby,’ we consider him a highly inappropriate choice for Defense Secretary who stands far out of line with our national priorities, and therefore we are prepared to swiftly and resolutely use our official veto power over this U.S. action,” said Israeli government spokesperson Mark Regev of the legal maneuver that the small Middle Eastern nation has employed to block U.S. Cabinet nominees, U.S. legislation, U.S. international relations, and U.S. domestic policy over 1,400 times in its 64-year history.

via Israel Vows To Use Veto Power If Chuck Hagel Confirmed As U.S. Secretary Of Defense | The Onion – America’s Finest News Source.

On the one side, it’s the Onion.  On the other side…Ted Cruz…

His record on Israel strongly suggests that he views Israel not as our friend but as a nuisance. The U.S.-Israeli alliance is critical to our national security, but Hagel has been far too willing to undermine that alliance. He was one of only four senators who refused to sign a letter urging the president to express solidarity with Israel and condemn the Palestinian campaign of violence. And he has stated that he believes Israel has “chained down” the Palestinians.

[full derp]

Ted Cruz is a textbook “chicken hawk”.   That’s someone who, unlike Chuck Hagel, has never served in the Armed Forces yet never misses an opportunity to use them or threaten others with their use.

So, given the data, is it any surprise that most of Ted Cruz’s campaign money came from anonymous sources outside the state?  And from Super PAC’s funded by folks like Adelson?

In order to understand the humor of the Onion article, one has to know the reality that makes it “funny”, and that funny reality is named (in this instance)  Ted Cruz.