Mike Lee (R-ut) Admits Republicans think only of the 1%


“Democrats disagree. They think you don’t send enough of your money to Washington. The Democratic budget increases taxes by one and a half trillion dollars, on top of the hundreds of billions they already added to your tax bills at the beginning of the year,” Lee said, referring to a compromise inked at the start of 2013 that allowed taxes to rise on personal income in excess of $400,000 – a compromise supported by members of both parties, but not Lee.

Note that “added to your tax bills” emphasis mine. See…taxes only went up on 1.8% of the country….which Republicans think and act like is the while country, because that’s the only country they care about. If you don’t make half a mill a year or more, and vote Republican, you are not bright.

Why is it there seems to be a scam behind every conservative activist’s forture? (CTCA)

Hilborn had seen CTCAs website touting survival rates better than national averages. His call secured Vicky an appointment at the for-profit, privately held companys Philadelphia affiliate, Eastern Regional Medical Center. There, the oncologist who examined Vicky told the couple he had treated other cases of histiocytic sarcoma, the cancer of immune-system cells that she had.

“He said, ‘Well have you back on your feet in no time,” Keith recalled.

Vickys cancer treatment was forestalled by an infection and other complications that kept her at Eastern Regional for three weeks. In July 2009, when she got back home, things changed. Despite Keiths calls, he said, CTCA did not schedule another appointment. As his wife got sicker, Keith, a former deputy sheriff in western Pennsylvania, was reduced to begging.

The oncology information specialist “said dont bring her here,” he recalled. “I said you dont understand; were going to lose her if you dont treat her. She told me Id just have to accept that.”

Vicky Hilborn never got another appointment with CTCA. She died on September 6, 2009, at age 48.

via Special Report: Behind a cancer-treatment firms rosy survival claims – Yahoo! News.

As someone who knows *very* well how to skew statistics by tightly controlling parameters…I’m rather disgusted by folks who do so to mislead for profit.

Former DEA Guys Come Out Against Freedom, For Profit For their Drug Testing Conpanies


Two of the former Drug Enforcement Agency officials who came out this week urging the federal government to nullify new state pot laws in Washington and Colorado are facing criticism for simultaneously running a company that may profit from keeping marijuana illegal.

Robert L. DuPont, who was White House drug czar under Presidents Nixon and Ford, and Peter Bensinger, who was administrator of the Drug Enforcement Administration in the 1970s, today run Bensinger, DuPont & Associates, a company that specializes in workplace drug testing, among other employee programs. Both men signed an open (along with eight other former DEA officials) addressed to Senate Judiciary Committee members this week criticizing the Obama administration for failing to quickly address the new states laws legalizing pot, which are inconsistent with federal law.

World Warming Faster Than Anytime in Human History

There’s an increasing amount of evidence that the climate has dramatically warmed up over the past century, and now a new study examining 11,000 years of climate temperatures shows the Earth is head towards an even more significant rise in heat.

For a new study released Thursday in thejournal Science, a research team from Harvard and Oregon State University looked at the fossils of tiny marine organisms, ice cores and tree rings to reconstruct global temperatures back to the end of the last ice age 11,300 years ago. Scientists learned that the rise in temperatures have been unmatched in at least the past 4,000 years. The study was largely in alignment with other regional studies that looked at the same period of time – the Holocene era.



At his confirmation hearing before the Senate Intelligence Committee last month, Brennan said unequivocally, “The CIA should not be doing traditional military activities and operations.” This is in keeping with insider reports that Brennan has repeatedly advocated for President Obama to transfer drone operations from the CIA to the Pentagon. And Brennan would be right to advocate for such a shift. As America enters the next decade of the fight against Al Qaeda, strategic and ethical considerations require that the government refocus its attention on high-level leaders, avoid civilian casualties, and remain accountable to the American public. To do so, it needs to capitalize on the military’s superior expertise, relative transparency, and overall effectiveness by giving the Pentagon command of all armed drone operations.

The reality behind the theatre…the guy Rand Paul was filibustering agrees with him.

Obama Again Takes Rational Popular Stance Against Big Lobbying Industry


The Obama administration issued its support Monday to reverse a recently enacted ban on unlocking cellphones, echoing many customers’ calls to allow mobile devices to be used across wireless carriers without risking penalties once any contract promise is fulfilled. “If you have paid for your mobile device and aren’t bound by a service agreement or other obligation, you should be able to use it on another network,” wrote R. David Edelman, senior adviser for Internet, innovation and privacy at the White House, on WhiteHouse.gov. His response was drafted after the White House received more than 114,000 petitions on its website in support of reversing the ban, which became effective Jan. 26.

When Will Conservatives Get Over the Liberal Media Myth?

If thats the case, you may ask, how can it be that I sometimes find unflattering coverage of conservative ideas? Well, one might ask in return, have you taken a look at the ideas conservatives have championed over the years? Segregation is the way to go. Women shouldnt work. The government is filled with hidden communists. People on the lower end of the economic spectrum are there because they are lazy. Cutting taxes for the rich is the best economic program for everyone. America is one step removed from becoming a totalitarian state.  Etc.

In other words, my conservative friends, it may finally be time to come to terms with the following: Its your ideas that leave something to be desired, not the media’s coverage of them.

via When Will Conservatives Get Over the Liberal Media Myth? – Anson Kaye usnews.com.

The reality bias of reporters explained.