Why is it there seems to be a scam behind every conservative activist’s forture? (CTCA)

Hilborn had seen CTCAs website touting survival rates better than national averages. His call secured Vicky an appointment at the for-profit, privately held companys Philadelphia affiliate, Eastern Regional Medical Center. There, the oncologist who examined Vicky told the couple he had treated other cases of histiocytic sarcoma, the cancer of immune-system cells that she had.

“He said, ‘Well have you back on your feet in no time,” Keith recalled.

Vickys cancer treatment was forestalled by an infection and other complications that kept her at Eastern Regional for three weeks. In July 2009, when she got back home, things changed. Despite Keiths calls, he said, CTCA did not schedule another appointment. As his wife got sicker, Keith, a former deputy sheriff in western Pennsylvania, was reduced to begging.

The oncology information specialist “said dont bring her here,” he recalled. “I said you dont understand; were going to lose her if you dont treat her. She told me Id just have to accept that.”

Vicky Hilborn never got another appointment with CTCA. She died on September 6, 2009, at age 48.

via Special Report: Behind a cancer-treatment firms rosy survival claims – Yahoo! News.

As someone who knows *very* well how to skew statistics by tightly controlling parameters…I’m rather disgusted by folks who do so to mislead for profit.

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