‘Cancer’ of LGBT bigotry is going to kill the Republican Party says former GOPer

“I have spent my whole career working to create an atmosphere where gay conservatives could live their lives openly and work in the conservative movement,” he said, but again and again, the Republican Party has missed its chances to denounce naked bigotry in its ranks. “The Republicans made a decision to be on the wrong side.”

During the campaign to elect former Gov. Mitt Romney (R-MA), he said, the candidate chose openly gay Republican operative Kenneth Grenell as its foreign policy spokesperson.

A surge of right-wing outrage forced the campaign to let Grenell go within days. Romney, LaSalvia said, “couldn’t stand up for Grenell” or even say that it was wrong to judge someone on the basis of their orientation.

via GOProud co-founder: ‘Cancer’ of LGBT bigotry is going to kill the Republican Party | The Raw Story.

It’s not going to change with the current crop of old geezers that fund the GOP.  They are old school bigots, and they ain’t changing.

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