Lookin at the Text Message Scam

WASHINGTON (AP) — A key member of the Senate Judiciary Committee is asking the nation’s top four wireless carriers to justify the “sharply rising rates” they charge people to send and receive text messages.

In letters to top executives at Verizon Wireless, AT&T Inc., Sprint Nextel Corp. and T-Mobile, Wisconsin Democrat Herb Kohl said Tuesday that he is concerned that rising text messaging rates reflect decreasing competition in the wireless business.

Kohl chairs the Judiciary Subcommittee on Antitrust, Competition Policy and Consumer Rights. His inquiry comes as European Commission regulators are threatening to impose a cap on roaming fees for text messages sent by Europeans traveling outside of their home nations, in an effort to force prices down by as much as 70 percent.

Kohl said he was concerned that consumers are paying more than 20 cents per message, up from 10 cents in 2005. This increase, he said, “does not appear to be justified by rising costs in delivering text messages,” which are small data files that are inexpensive for carriers to transmit.

The Associated Press: Senator examining rising text messaging rates.

Text messages are less than “inexpensive”.  I can’t imagime they take up much real bandwidth, being packet-driven and tiny.  The depth of the text message scam becomes clear when you wonder why phone calls on nights and weekends are free because of excess bandwidth…but text messages always cost the same.

It does not make sense.

What text messages really represent is what happens when a few guys (say, a foursome on a golf course) all simultaneously wonder about that age-old market-driven rhetorical question….”If only I had a dime every time someone…”

In this case the answer is “…when someone sends OR RECEIVES a text message.” (the second biggest part of the scam)

Hopefully we’ll see something come of this, but since the few national carriers all get along quite well, I don’t see the market resolving this without a little outside pressure.

Devastating Ad Attacks Palin Experience (and McCain’s Ad get Slammed)

…comes from the person who picked her…

Yea, I know primary debates are great fodder for talking points…but this one is just about hilarious…especially after McCain’s First Choice got a big fail after cramming for her foreign policy exam.  Hint: Cram for 10 more years and you’ll probably be ready for the test.

This video is actually a pretty good attack ad on McCain as well.  But that’s probably because I think he was only batting 33% from this chart.

The John McCain “I’m a Victim” Express

I didn’t think the McCain campaign could really do much more stooping, but it looks like they are trying very hard.

On Tuesday, Obama criticized McCain’s economic policies as similar to those of President Bush, saying: “You can put lipstick on a pig … it’s still a pig. You can wrap an old fish in a piece of paper called change. It’s still going to stink after eight years.”

The McCain campaign contended that the comments were directed at Palin, the GOP’s first woman on a presidential ticket. In her acceptance speech last week, she had referred to herself in a joke about lipstick being the only difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull.

Accusing Obama of “smearing” Palin in “offensive and disgraceful” comments, the McCain campaign demanded an apology – though McCain himself used the folksy metaphor a few times last year, including once to describe Democratic Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s health care plan.

The McCain campaign on Wednesday issued an Internet ad that said Obama was talking about Palin and said of Obama: “Ready to lead? No. Ready to smear? Yes.”

[full story]

You can see McCain’s statement here.

The McCain campaign is counting on something they’ve done before (by “they” I mean Rove and Co.). What they are doing is the basic antidote to a clean campaign run by a popular, qualified candidate…smear the crap out of everything. Fling so much shit that everything and everyone is covered. By the time the election comes around, it looks to the electorate like everyone is flinging shit and only one campaign is trying to claim being “clean”.

See how that works? This is exactly what you are seeing now. More smoke and feces.

They just need one crap story a week to win. This is only the next, in a long line of ’em (secret muslim, crazy black man, illegal alient, america-hater, flag pin….it’s been done a bunch before).

Really. Think about it. If Palin is so tough (a bitch, pardon, pitbull in lipstick) why can’t she take on these personal attacks herself? Why can’t she address any questions from real people?? Why does she have to hide behind a campaign aide? If she feels so personally insulted, why not address it personally, and call for an end to personal attacks?

Why aren’t they doing that? Because doing so would clear things up. It would brings things into focus. The Rove squad doesn’t want clear, because when things are clear, the choice is easy and obvious.

When things get muddled and dirty and you can’t tell who said what when and there is shit, both real and imagined all over the place, the hope is that enough people will ignore the facts or confuse the facts and vote the disguised porcine back into office once again.

Said pig being then completely swathed in Change®-brand red, white, and blue lipstick.

Which most Americans can still see, somehow, shining through the shit.

Did I mention John McCain was a victim, pardon, POW?

UPDATE: O.k. read this quote…nice job McCain.

“I don’t like anyone being referred to as a pig in any context,” McCain added. “I think there’s a lot more educated conversations we can have about the ticket than just saying these remarks like that.”

[full story]

Nice, way to be grown up about it. Good to see some maturity in the campaign.


That was a quote from his 23-year old daughter? Oh…carry on.

[her blog is here]

RNC Video : Iran Attacked Us on 9/11

I watch this last night and was blown away by the…sliminess…of it.  The lack of knowledge of history.  The selective memory and the out-and-out insanity of this.  Not to mention, as you’ll see, the utter lack of judgement with showing hundreds of people getting killed instantly.

This is disgusting.  This is the RNC.

Now…something VERY important to note here…listen as the video begins…

The first attack occurred in Iran, 444 days American held hostage.  Again and again.

“They” grew…

And kill us “they” did. The date was September 11th, 9/11.

I’m sorry, but the selective memory, and total lack of historical perspective or accuracy is amazing.  Gone is any mention of Reagan pulling out of Lebanon during the Israeli occupation. Gone is any mention of funding “Them” against their fight with the Evil Empire for the entirety of Reagan’s terms.   Gone is any mention of Iraq and Iran fighting a horrid war in the 80’s, both with our help.  Gone is any mention of Bush, or invading Iraq, or Afghainstan or Weapons of Mass Destruction.   Gone is any sense of history or context. 

Let’s recall, if we can, what this same group of people said in 2004.

Note the familiar face in the cavalcade of fear.

So is this the “Change” they are talking about?  Instead of going after terrorists we are going after Islam?  Instead of going after Iraq we are going after Iran (since they, it seems, started it)?  Instead of focusing on our problems, we are focusing on how “they” want to kill us?

Have we always been at war with Eastasia?  Or is it Middleeastasia?

Sorry, but this video illustrates exactly how much change, peace, and rational argument you can expect from the RNC and the McCain/Palin ticket.

Previous coverage “live-writing” of the RNC coverage is here (yea, I talk about the thing and the people watching the thing).

Some possible campaign slogans, courtesy of “dahmer’s love zombie” of Fark.

McCain/Palin: Because your preacher said so.

McCain/Palin: You don’t need to see her position on the issues. She can go about her business. Vote along.

McCain/Palin: Because the other guy is a ni(BONGGGGGGGGG)

–my own–

McCain/Palin: POW + PTA = Pota-wow!

McCain/Palin: Change You Can Believe In (if you believe all the other crap we spew).

McCain/Palin: Kill ‘Em All and Let Baby Jesus Sort ‘Em Out

Feel free to be creative…