Fleeing Phoenix out of fear of immigration law

Looks like we’ll get to see the net effect that losing tons of low-wage, non-unionized, non-complaining, hard-working people has on a state’s economy in a capitalist free market.

Think of it like the food chain, and what happens to an ecosystem when the bottom tier goes extinct.

Faviola Davenport, 42, owns 3Girlz Retail across the street from Vela’s restaurant. Davenport, who emigrated legally from Mexico 23 years ago, expects she will close the shop next month. In the small space, crammed with phone cards, mattresses and purses, Davenport said that if the law takes effect she will probably abandon Arizona as well. Her three adult daughters and their families — all U.S. citizens — are thinking of following her.

SB 1070’s supporters say legal residents like Davenport have nothing to fear from the law, which bans racial profiling.

But earlier this year, Davenport said, she was stopped by a police officer on her way to work. She said the officer did not believe she was in the country legally and warned that he could refer her to immigration authorities for deportation.

“They don’t want Mexicans,” she said. “So we’ll leave.”


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