Serial Crier Glenn Beck Whining his way into the sunset, ever the victim, never able to take what he dishes.

New Yorkers Turned on Glenn Beck in Bryant Park Last Night [Updated] — Daily Intel

I just can’t imagine why they don’t understand that Beck’s hateful rants are perfectly justified, but he should bear no personal responsibility for the hate he spews or engenders.

“Ever the victim”, its Fox’s, and modern conservatism’s only trump card, and my is it getting played a lot.

I mean,  those people *ALMOST LYNCHED HIM* (in his constant paranoid fantasy he calls life).  Can’t you have some sympathy for a doughy white man who was ALMOST LYNCHED in a public park in 2012?   You can’t?  What are you, some kind of sub-human?   Is this not the perfect example of how Obama’s Chicago THUGS are worse than the KKK?   I mean, Glenn Beck was almost lynched!! (according to Glenn Beck…who has a near perfect record when it comes to facts and such).   *Most* People just don’t understand how bad that evil socialist Obama has made things.   Glenn Beck did, which is why he’s now off the air.

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