Cain breaks own record, contradicts himself in same paragraph

Presidential hopeful Herman Cain to allow exemptions for poor in his 9-9-9 tax plan – The Washington Post

“America is ready for solutions, not more rhetoric,” he said. “The American dream has been hijacked, but we can take it back.”

He then called for no abortions for anyone but noted he would not force government regulations on women.   Seriously, he did that.

Video evidence: Note where he starts, and where he ends up.  Textbook hypocrisy.

UPDATE: To be fair, Cain later backtracked straight to boiler plate talking points in an environment where he doesn’t have to explain them.

As a side note…is Al Sharpton really *that bad* at reading?   Painful to watch.  And how did he get a show?   No real worries, since I don’t pay for cable (and thus his salary, like *everyone* who has cable), but I was surprised to see that one.  Looks like he’s lost some weight too.  Good for him.

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