Romney continues with “Do as I say, not as I did” campaign philosophy

Classes in Philadelphia public schools run as big as 33 students. Statewide, the average is 21. The national average is 20 in elementary schools and 19 in high schools, according to the federal Education Department. From seventh grade through graduation, Romney attended the private Cranbrook Schools in Bloomfield Hills, Mich. Classes there are small, according to statistics the school provided Friday. In pre-kindergarten, classes have 15 students, taught by two teachers and an assistant teacher. Kindergarten classes have 18 students and two teachers. Grades one to five are limited to 18 students per class, and grades six through eight typically have 15 or 16 students. Classes in ninth through 12th grades are capped at 18 students.

This was after he claimed larger class sizes are good…for public schools. — News –

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