Duh-du-duuuuu-duh. Hey, You Suck (Cowboys v. Redskins II)

Staying at home tonight and watching the Cowboys game.  I did a bit about the previous meeting between the two rivals before, you can catch up on that here.

So I’m watching the game and listening to Madden and Michaels do their thing like they do (and have been doing forever), and I heard the crowd chanting in the background.  It’s one of those classic sports songs ( Duh-du-duuuu-duh…Hey!… ). The Redskins fans had done an outstanding job of staying all together and on tune and it was very impressive to hear them yell “You Suck” in time with the music.

Well done, you despicable bastards.

(Cowboys just took the lead 14-10….and Santana Moss just dropped a bomb…thank you…Moss tears up the Cowboys every time they play)

UPDATE: And we’ve got a final, 14-10.  Welcome back, Tony.  Good to have you.

Hope you get a victory BJ tonight.

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