She’s running for President, which to her has a faaar lower threshold for truth

Bachmann: It’s ok to spread lies about vaccines because I never said I’m a doctor – Mobile

“I didn’t make any statements that would indicate I’m a doctor, I’m a scientist, or making any conclusions about the drug one way or the other,” she said, adding she was merely relating the concerns of a woman who was “very distraught” and who supported her view that Perry’s actions were wrong.

Asked specifically if she would apologizeor the HPV comments, Bachmann said, “I’m not going to answer that question.”

I think internally many of these folks are such liars because they are so cynical about government, despite representing it, they actually think it’s ok to lie since they already assume that’s what people think politicians do.

It’s like they think its their job to lie.  And that’s what the tryout is for.

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