News Corp Batting near 900 on Climate Change Derp

Business Insider

For Fox News, 93 percent of references to climate change were misleading, with the most common form taken being to “broadly dismiss the scientific consensus that climate change is occurring or human-induced.” For the Wall Street Journal, 81 percent of letters, op-eds, columns and editorials made were misleading. Most “attempted to broadly undermine the major conclusions of climate science. Instances of attacks on individual scientists, mocking the science, and cherry-picking data were all equally common. Instance included accusations that scientists were fudging data and claims that they are motivated by financial self-interest.”

It’s no wonder at all why the vast majority of conservatives don’t get this stuff.

Romney Voluntarily Pays Extra Taxes To Illustrate How High Taxes are on “Job Creators” like Himself

Romney agrees: Tax code too easy on those in his bracket | Jay Bookman

Romney paid 14.1 percent of his income in taxes, a figure that could have and would have been as low as 10.4 percent if he wasn’t running for office. In contrast, the average effective tax rate paid by his wealthy father back in the ’60s was 37 percent.

Yet Romney continues to insist that wealthier Americans today can’t be asked to shoulder more of the financial burden, even as changes in the global economy continue to concentrate more and more wealth in their hands.

The release of (some of ) Romney’s returns illustrate one simple fact…the tax burden on the wealthy is incredibly low…and yet many of them claim it is incredibly high.   There’s a big disconnect there, and Romney is the poster-child for it (literally, as he’s running as the candidate for the party that sells inequality like it was freedom.)