The most basic, and perhaps profound, reason that OBAMA WILL WIN

Washington Post 

“The republic of Washington and Jefferson is now in danger of becoming the democracy of debt and despair,” Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul told delegates at the GOP convention delegates this past week. “Our great nation is coming apart at the seams.”

He was one of many Republican speakers who tried to tap into the public’s unease about the country’s future. In just days, Democrats will present a starkly different vision at their three-day convention in Charlotte, N.C., sketching out a portrait of a nation on the rebound after the worst financial crisis since the Depression.

They will try to play a consistent theme in America’s history —optimism.

By both showing how the change has worked, the hope stays alive.

Much like in 2008, the Republicans are playing checkers, while Obama plays hyper-dimensional Chess. Barring some major event, I’ll stand by this prediction for a few more months.

Note: I felt in 2004 the situation was reversed and the Democratic strategy of pointing out that Bush’s polices would *lead* to economic collapse (as they did) was weaker than the Republican’s message of “OH MY GOD!! 9/11!!!”.

There is a public record of that, BTW.

Healthcare haters take note: your lie about a government takeover is now even more provably wrong

Proof Obamacare Seeks To Put Control Of Healthcare In The Hands Of The Consumer – Forbes

One of the key talking points consistently mouthed by opponents of the Affordable Care Act is their declaration that the law wrests control of healthcare out from the hands of the consumer and places it squarely under the control of the federal government. And yet, the meme—like so many others employed by dedicated Obamacare bashers —is simply not true. Now, we can prove it.

The sad part? Haters won’t even read this, as their ignorance about the law reinforces their preconcieved notions about the President. Hence learning about reality would undermine those comforting feelings of superiority that make Obama bashing so satisfying to a certain group of people.

Update: fixed title…pretty amazing some times how a single letter can change and dilute an entire argument.